Redistricting Piece in

Written by Matt Rexroad on January 2nd, 2011. Posted in General

My latest piece on redistricting in

Link is here.

Picking a new Councilmember

Written by Matt Rexroad on January 2nd, 2011. Posted in General

It is entertaining to me to watch Davis fight and claw over an open City Council set but in Woodland we just move along.

Here is a piece by Greenwald on the process.  This is probably the fourth piece on this topic.

I am working on something that lists the odds for potential candidates to replace Mr. Monroe.  If you know of people that will apply please send me the names.

Wanted: Invisible Person

Written by Matt Rexroad on January 2nd, 2011. Posted in General

The Woodland City Council needs to pick a new member because Jeff Monroe has retired and moved away after ten years on the City Council.  I will end my comments about Monroe there for now.

So now the Council needs to pick someone to fill his seat.

So far the names I have heard to replace him mostly include past or current elected officials in the community.  These names include Gary Sandy, Dave Flory, Meg Stallard, Carol Souza Cole, Tom Stallard, Jesse Ortiz, Cerenio Rodriguez, and a number of folks like that.  They are all great.  I like every one of them and they would all do a fine job.

But you know something?  If any of them wanted to serve on the City Council they could just run. They would probably win.  They have run before and have community support.  They just need to step up and run.

When I was involved in student government in Woodland High School we learned about invisible people.  People that were there and wanted to be involved but just needed to be asked.

Personally, I believe that hundreds if not thousands of people in Woodland are capable of serving on the City Council or Board of Supervisors.  My guess would be 10% of the people in Woodland could make a good Councilmember.

As someone that has been involved in hundreds of political campaigns I think although 10% of a community may make good elected officials most of them don’t make good candidates.  They don’t like going door to door. They don’t like speeches.  They don’t want to raise money or have their names on lawn signs all over town.  I get it.

So while I originally was suggesting that the City Council appoint one of the names above I now think they should do exactly the opposite.  Look for that person that is going to be a great member of the Council but might not ever get their the normal way.  With all due respect to the names above — they can get there if they want.

Look for someone that –

  1. Has dealt with dealt with and led organizations before like a school, church, or business.
  2. Has financial experience running an organization.
  3. Has shown an ability to work with others in difficult circumstances.

I have been on the Woodland City Council for four years.  Being Mayor was far and away the best experience I have had in elected office.  It is hard but is not rocket science.

Look for one of those people that we has dedicated hours to youth sports, theater, arts, even their own business.  Find an invisible person that fist these qualities and you will find a winner.

My only request to the City Council is to select someone that would not normally get elected.  Take this chance to make the bold selection of a quality person that would not normally be part of City government or political process.

That is my two cents.

No sale

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Not one person bid on my CSAC Board of Directors pin. Not one.

Maybe I should have offered to pay someone to take it.

Lame Story Getting Worse

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You have got to be kidding me.

What a bunch of childish behavior.

Read more here.