Message from a juror on the Ajay Dev trial

Written by Matt Rexroad on July 16th, 2011. Posted in General

This was sent to me unsolicited from a juror in the Ajay Dev trial.  It confirms what I thought.  Someone that heard every single piece of evidence presented in the trial.  The person gave my permission to publish this here as long as they were not identified by name.  The entire message is cut and pasted below..

I just read your blog on the Ajay Dev trial. I was a juror on that trial and I wanted to let you know that your synopsis is pretty much dead on. I will tell you that the most telling part of that phone call is in the first few minutes. Granted it has been 2 years since I have heard it so I may not be spot on in the quoting here. In the first few minutes, the victim calls Dev to tell him that she had been to see a school counselor. The counselor wants to know about her sex life and her abortions. She asks Dev “What should I tell him about us Daddy?” His response is “Why did you go to counselor?” and “Good girls dont talk about this kind of thing.” If he is truly innocent as his family contends, why wasnt his first reponse What are you talking about? What about us? Something?????

While I will never come out publicly as a juror (that family scares the hell out of me), I do appreciate your efforts.

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